The Artists

Picture_Paper70LOW PROFILE is a collaboration between artists Rachel Dobbs (IRL) and Hannah Jones (UK). They have been working in collaboration since 2003 and are currently based in Plymouth (UK).

LOW PROFILE are invested in exploring themes of everyday survival through an on-going attempt to plan and ‘be prepared’ for the unknown.

They have been known to bet on the underdog, to believe in the forgotten hero
and to repeatedly look for answers in the wrong place.

Their misguided and idiosyncratic embrace of the impossible draws on the excesses of daily life and a wilful determination to never give up. They tackle weighty subjects with humour and a light touch and invite their audience to get caught up in the work. The work questions expertise, usefulness and redundancy and often makes reference to recognisable tropes and existing texts from popular culture.

LOW PROFILE’s practice spans a variety of performative interfaces with audiences including small-scale live moments, gallery exhibitions, books, videos, durational task-led performances, sculpture, text works, sound works and large-scale participatory projects. Their work is informed by (and often make in response to) specific contexts and situations.

Hannah Jones’ artistic research is supported in part by Plymouth College of Art.

You can see more of their projects at: