Bath Boaters

LOW PROFILE boatersOne of the more surprising suggestions to come through was for people living on the canal or ‘live-aboards’. The Kennet and Avon Canal comes to an end in Bath and has a large community living on it. LOW PROFILE went along to meet a few on Aster, a historic canal boat that is home to Jacqui, a liveaboard boater.

LOW PROFILE had the chance to ask lots of questions about living on water and what being part of a moving community was like. They were struck by how supportive people were of each other and looked out for one another, more reminiscent of old-fashioned village life. Making the leap to live on water had enabled them to be more environmentally aware and able to quantify the resources they use. Having to refill a water tank, purchase gas and coal rather than having it plumbed in meant they could see what they needed to survive. Also moving onto a boat meant many had to downsize, something which everyone seemed to find quite cleansing, to rid themselves of things that weren’t necessary or sentimental.

The Kennet and Avon Canal ends in the heart of Bath, yet it seems as if the boaters are world’s away and life was slower and calmer just a stone’s throw from the city centre.