Bath Gaming Group

Bath Gaming GroupLOW PROFILE were invited to a Bath Gaming Group meet up. The group meet every Tuesday evening at the St James Wine Vaults to play different games and generally have a good time.

LOW PROFILE really enjoyed meeting them and hearing how the group started. They do exactly what their website and social media profiles say – they’re a welcoming, open and enthusiastic group who do a great job of introducing people to the hobby and catering for both new and experienced players.

Card game Bath Gaming GroupAlthough the founding members were no longer there, the group exists beyond their involvement. Each week members bring different board games from their homes to share with the group. Games are selected and everyone breaks up into suitably sized groups to play them. No one knows how to play every single one, so someone who does takes it upon themselves to explain the rules. All that is left to do is make sure everyone has a drink then start playing!


The group were incredibly welcoming of LOW PROFILE and taught them how to play a new game whilst talking about the group, Bath and what it’s like to live there. It was brilliant to meet a group that, even though it meets once a week, may consist of completely different members each week. If you are interested in going a long to meet some of the fantastic people of Bath Gaming Group then take a look at their website and just go along one Tuesday soon.