Bath’s new Centre for the Arts

The photographs from LOW PROFILE‘s Picture In The Paper project will find their permanent home at Bath’s new Centre for the Arts, currently under construction on the University of Bath campus, just outside of the city centre.

When it opens in late 2014, the Centre for the Arts will become the home of ICIA (Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts) and will be Bath’s first purpose-built contemporary arts space. ICIA have commissioned LOW PROFILE to make Picture In The Paper in the run up to the launch of the Centre’s brand new programme of contemporary art, theatre, music and dance performances and exhibitions.

We wanted to create a project that made the community of Bath and the surrounding areas, feel part of the new centre for the arts at the University of Bath. By locating the final archive of photographs in the building for the life of the building, we aim to allow participants (and all those who came into contact with the project) to have a life long purpose to visit the art centre, to take their friends and family and to feel proud of the part they played in a project that celebrates community and recognises the importance of audiences investing their time and energy in supporting the endeavours of artists. LOW PROFILE (lead-artists on Picture In The Paper)

You can follow the construction of the new Centre for the Arts by watching the short time lapse video below…

Time lapse video of the Centre for the Arts construction site – February 2014