Roller Derby Skaters

Group: Roller Derby Skaters

Definition: Skaters based in Bath who play the sport of roller derby,  a contact sport established and majoritively played by all female amateur teams, with men more recently setting up their own groups.

Reasons for selecting: We were attracted to the self organised and DIY nature of Continue reading

Petanque Players

Group: Petanque players

Definition: Players in Bath of the French boules game Petanque

Reasons for selecting: We love how many people in Bath play the French boules game Petanque. It seems like such a fun, social hobby/sport, which is open to all ages and abilities. Members of the Bath Petanque club are very friendly and Continue reading

Open Water Swimmers

Group: Open Water Swimmers

Definition: People of Bath who actively swim ‘wild’, outdoors.

Reasons for selecting: Bath is not a place that immediately seems to offer a lot of wild swimming options, so we were impressed that there are active outdoor swimming enthusiasts in the city, with plenty of Continue reading

Amateur Dramatics Players

Group: Amateur Dramatics Players

Definition: People based in Bath who are involved with amateur dramatics.

Reasons for selecting: There are many different amateur dramatics companies in Bath, which has a lively theatre scene. The hobby is open to people of all ages, backgrounds, experience and Continue reading


Group: Beekeepers

Definition: People in Bath engaged with beekeeping, as a hobby and/or otherwise.

Reasons for selecting: Beekeeping around the UK has attracted growing attention in recent years as bee populations have declined. Bath’s beekeepers are Continue reading

Board Game Players

Group: Board Game Players

Definition: Individuals based in Bath who actively play board games, either as part of established groups or in their own circles of friendship.

Reasons for selecting: As fellow board game fans, we were interested to see that there are number of groups of boardgamers operating informally in Bath. Board games offer people Continue reading

Bell Ringers

Group: Bell Ringers

Definition: People who ring bells and practice bell ringing in Bath’s many church towers.

Reasons for selecting: The bell ringers of Bath continue a tradition that has made an impact on the character of the city for hundreds of years. The bells of Bath’s churches are not only rung for religious services and weddings but also to Continue reading

Scout and Guide Leaders

Group: Scout and Guide Leaders

Definition: Individuals based in Bath who volunteer their time to act as Brownie, Cub, Guide or Scout leaders.

Reasons for selecting: The Scout and Guide movement is entirely dependent on volunteers who give up their time to make a difference to young peoples lives – offering Continue reading


Group: Nurses

Definition: Individuals based in Bath working professionally as a nurse.

Reasons for selecting: At a point when the future of our health care service in the UK is unclear, we are keen to mark a moment where the many nurses operating out of Bath are recognised for their hard work, care and contribution to Continue reading

Independent Retailers

Independent RetailersGroup: Independent Retailers

Definition: Independent shop owners, market stall traders and other temporary retailers based in Bath

Reasons for selecting: There are a large number of independent shops in Bath, based predominantly within the centre of the city, adding a distinctive mix and character to the high street. The independents running these businesses have begun to Continue reading


Group: Chefs

Definition: Individuals based in Bath working as professional chefs

Reasons for selecting: Bath is full of many different cafes, pubs and restaurants, catering to lots of different appetites. Chefs are normally hidden from the public eye and Continue reading

Liveaboard Boaters

Group: Liveaboard Boaters

Definition: Individuals living aboard boats in Bath

Reasons for selecting: We were attracted by the open, friendly and close knit community of people who live on boats in Bath. With some boat owners taking on permanent moorings and others living as continuous cruisers Continue reading

Users of Fairfield House

Users of Fairfield House User's of Fairfield House

Definition: Individuals who are part of groups run out of Fairfield House, an English Heritage Grade II listed building, gifted to the elders of Bath by the Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia (1936–41).

Reasons for selecting: We were excited to uncover this piece of recent, living history in Bath and the dynamic and diverse community of people making use of this house, including Continue reading

Community Volunteer Growers

Group: Community Volunteer Growers

Definition: Individuals who volunteer their time to grow produce for the benefit of the community.

Reasons for selecting: We were impressed with the dedication and hard work of the many different volunteer, community focused growing groups in Bath, who give up their time to nurture fruit, vegetables and Continue reading


Group: Buskers

Definition: Individuals who busk and work as street entertainers in the city of Bath

Reasons for selecting:Walking through Bath, we have always been greeted by the many different buskers who occupy the city streets. With a wide range of styles and genres, they offer Continue reading

Group Fitness Instructors

Group: Group Fitness Instructors

Definition: Individuals based in Bath who teach/lead group exercise classes

Reasons for selecting: We were attracted to this highly skilled and dedicated group of professionals, who often work across several gyms and teach many different classes, meeting a large number of Continue reading

Minecraft Players

Group: Minecraft Players

Definition: People who play Minecraft (on any computer platform) who live in Bath.

Reasons for selecting: Minecraft is an indie computer game that has picked up a worldwide following since it was released in 2009. Alongside exploration, gathering resources and combat, avid players of the game will Continue reading

Software Developers

Software Developers  Software Developers

Definition: Individuals in Bath who are involved in all areas of software development, including programming, writing code and contributing to open source software projects.

Reasons for selecting: We rely on the work of software developers on a daily basis to communicate, relax, create and generally get things done using computers and other technology. As part of a worldwide community, software developers shape Continue reading