The construction team love their Picture in the Paper

construction_officeAfter meeting the construction workers on site at the new Centre for the Arts at Bath University, the first group portrait went ahead. The picture was taken on a Friday afternoon and was promptly published by our media partners, The Bath Chronicle. The construction workers were so delighted with the outcome that we have since spotted it in pride of place in the Site Office.

Project Producer Claire Sharpe managed to catch the builders on another  Friday afternoon at the Site Office for the new Centre for the Arts. Their office is a two storey stack of white shipping containers and inside are offices, a meeting room and a sea of paperwork and plans for the new building. Opposite the door, on the noticeboard pinned on top of plans and diagrams is the article and the group photograph of the construction workers from the Bath Chronicle. It’s brilliant to see that the first image of Picture in the Paper, even in it’s most disposable form, has become something to be proud of. Hopefully they will join us when the building is completed and the group photographs are on display to celebrate their group.