The VIP Launch

VIP inviteThe Picture In The Paper VIP launch took place on Weds 11th February 2015 at ICIA, Bath. Approx 130 PITP participants and team members attended the launch, with the large majority taking part in one last Picture in The Paper group photo.

Participants were welcomed to the building, with time to view the installed archive of PITP photographs, to view the gallery exhibitions (including LOW PROFILE’s solo exhibition Impromptu) and to enjoy some celebratory canapes and fizz. The event was a huge success, with the participants requesting that a reunion takes place of all those involved within the next 5 years!

The artists called everybody together to make a special speech and pledge, as follows:

Tonight is a celebration of commitment, of a willingness to take risks, to turn up and be part of something with other people. As we have mentioned, we’re witnessing the formation of a new group, right here this evening – around our shared involvement in Picture In The Paper or – Puh-Eh-Teh-Puh – for short.

We’d like to take this opportunity to formalise this new group with a group pledge. Lots of you are wearing your Puh-Eh-Teh-Puh badges. Could you now point at your badge… We invite you to look around the room at your fellow Puh-Eh-Teh-Puh-ers and repeat after us:

As a  Puh-Eh-Teh-Puh-er
In the presence of all the other  Puh-Eh-Teh-Puh-ers here tonight
I do solemnly swear
To do my best
To continue to be
Someone who makes the effort to turn up
Someone who is willing to take a chance on things
And Someone who actively celebrates my passions and the things that matter to me

I promise
To do my best
To smile at any of my fellow  Puh-Eh-Teh-Puh-ers
In the future when we pass in the street
To bring other people here to see our/these pictures
Regardless of the effort
Involved in getting here
And to visit as regularly as possible
To help protect the collection and its longevity in times of uncertainty

I pledge
To do my best
To enjoy the rest of the evening
To explore the building
And to chat with as many people as possible

We are proud and excited to now pronounce you fully initiated  Puh-Eh-Teh-Puh-ers. You may clap, shout, cheer and generally applaud and celebrate!!

Picture in the Paper group