VIP launch event

To celebrate the final photographs being hung in their permanent home, Picture in the Paper drew to a close with a special VIP event. All project participants were invited to join LOW PROFILE at the brand new ICIA building at the University of Bristol to see the photographs in their new home.VIP invite

Everyone who had attended a photo shoot or helped to make one happen was invited to the new building for an evening of drinks and canapes. As everyone arrived there had time to look at Picture in the Paper before joining LOW PROFILE in the Weston Studio.

There was a special dedication oath that everyone was asked to take to be inducted into a new group, the Picture in the Paper group. Everyone pointed at their badges and repeated back the oath read by LOW PROFILE. It included promising to ask lot’s of questions, remembering to smile at the person next to me and without question interacting with anyone wearing a Picture in the Paper badge if you saw them walking down the street.

Everyone there took the time to enjoy and opportunity to spend more time with the people they had been photographed with as well as meeting new people with different hobbies, professions and passions.


Picture in the Paper group