Visual Art South West – Picture in the Paper



Picture in the Paper is the latest project by LOW ROFILE which will see 20 different group photographs of the people of Bath published in the Bath Chronicle and on permanent public display at the new Centre for the Arts at the University of Bath in early 2015.

Throughout the summer LOW PROFILE met with local Bath residents and sought out groups and clubs to find out more about what brings people together in the city. They opened up the project to the public who suggested over 80 different hobbyists, interest groups, volunteers, researchers, amateurs and specialists to take part in Picture in the Paper.

In September, after much deliberation, 20 groups were selected by LOW PROFILE for Picture in the Paper. The groups range from Minecraft Players to Liveaboard Boaters, from Cosmetics Counter Staff to Scout and Guide Leaders but will all feature the people of Bath and will celebrate their efforts, skills and passions.

Each group has been invited to attend one of a series of professional photo shoots to try and capture as many people who make up each group as possible. The photo shoots will provide the chance to bring together people who have something in common but may never have met, celebrating group identity, temporary allegiances and the hobbies or interests that draw people together.

The photo shoots have already begun with Bell Ringers, Scout & Guide Leaders, Open Water Swimmers and Group Fitness Instructors turning out en masse to name but a few. The first batch of group images have gone to print in the Bath Chronicle with the rest being released throughout November.

All 20 of the groups will come together in February next year for a VIP launch event of the final images in their permanent home, the new Centre for the Arts, ICIA, University of Bath. The images will be on public display for the life of the building offering a glimpse into the people of Bath and what brings them together.

The new Centre for the Arts will boast dance studios, a 250 seat theatre, performance spaces, teaching facilities, orchestra-sized rehearsal studios and, importantly, a café/bar for digesting the arts experiences on offer to public and students alike. A new contemporary visual art gallery, the only one in Bath, will also host exhibitions, associated events and talks in the evenings and at weekends for everyone to enjoy.

See the article on their website here.